Ética e o futuro

Notícias & Almanaque.

Deu no The Guardian, sobre Yuval Noah Harari, historiador.

I think morality is more important than ever before. As we gain more power, the question of what we do with it becomes more and more crucial, and we are very close to really having divine powers of creation and destruction. The future of the entire ecological system and the future of the whole of life is really now in our hands. And what to do with it is an ethical question and also a scientific question.

So, to give just an example: what happens if several pedestrians jump in front of a self-driving car and it has to choose between killing, say, five pedestrians or swerving to the side and killing its owner? Now you have engineers producing the self-driving cars and they need to get an answer to this question. So, I don’t see any reason to think that AI or bioengineering will make morality any less relevant than before.

Clique aqui para ler a matéria na íntegra.


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